Strategic Management


Advanced approaches to strategic analysis and planning to create competitive advantage

Academic Director: Dr. Omri Morag

The current growing trend of increasing competition may be attributed to two strong forces that considerably diminish the ability of companies to create real long-term competitive advantage.  With the ready availability of information enabling the consumer to compare goods and services, on the one hand, and the diminishing of differentiation of goods and services, on the other, the main competition is on price and the ability of companies to create long-term value vanishes.  The latest examples in the area of retail food products and mobile phone services demonstrate the situation well.  When information is readily available and products are similar, long-term strategic planning to create value and to maintain a unique competitive position is needed.

This special program focuses on the strategic design processes, planning and positioning that enable companies and organizations to create a durable competitive advantage over their competitors in the areas in which they operate.  It presents today’s most advanced approaches to strategic management and planning, through an integration of theory and practical tools.  The program’s lecturers are leading academics, business executives, professionals and consultants.

Target Group:
CEOs and senior executives.

Aims of the Program:
▪ To convey an understanding of how companies and organizations plan and strive to attain long-term competitive advantage.
▪ To enhance the ability to identify the internal and external factors affecting success and failure.
▪ To provide the tools to apply strategic models and make a judicious examination of the alternative courses of action in a competitive environment.

Main Subjects of Study:
▪ Competitive strategy and the process of strategic planning
▪ Analysis of the branches of the economy and competition in the various branches
▪ Survival and prosperity in a complex and dynamic economic and business world
▪ Management under conditions of uncertainty
▪ Organizational culture
▪ Growth strategies
▪ Strategic innovation to create differentiation and competitive advantage
▪ Value creating business models and building lean organizational arrays

Academic Director and Lecturer:
Dr. Omri Morag, coordinator of the course in strategy at the Open University, expert in the area of mergers and acquisitions.

Mr. Udi AharoniProf. Orly YehezkelProf. Yesha Sivan Dr. Eyal Benjamin Prof. Dan Weiss  Dr. Alex Coman
In addition, guest lectures will be given by senior executives from various branches of the economy.


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