Senior Business Management


An integrative track providing knowledge and understanding of the main issues in management

Academic Director: Mr. Udi Aharoni

The lack of certainty in the local and global business environment and the complexity of corporate structure and management make it necessary for managers to constantly update themselves with the latest knowledge and know-how, adapted to the current managerial reality.  

The Senior Business Management track is a comprehensive course of study that includes content from the main sources of managerial knowledge and know-how.  It provides a broad managerial understanding and enables an encounter with the latest knowledge relating to academia, strategic thinking tools and practical management tools.

▪ Participants acquire innovative and up-to-date academic managerial knowledge, with emphasis on applications and practical implications
▪ The academic managers and lecturers of the program are leading personalities in academia and practice
▪ The program is noted for its flexibility:  it is one-year to three-years long, depending on the rate at which participants advance in their studies and classes are held in the late afternoon and early evening.
▪ It is a total learning experience with personal administrative service
▪ Participants study together with experienced fellow managers from the business and public sectors of the economy
▪ The varied, integrative and implementable learning methodologies include lectures, workshops, case studies, and preparation of a business plan
▪ Classes are held at Tel Aviv University’s Faculty of Management
▪ At the end of the program, participants receive a diploma* from LAHAV, Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University 

* Subject to participating in 80% of the classes and to meeting the program’s requirements

Target Group:
Production and staff managers in private and public sector organizations;  managers with considerable managerial experience who lack formal education in business administration or who wish to keep abreast of developments in the world of business and management.

The Program of Study:
The track consists of five core areas of business administration and one elective area that can be chosen from LAHAV’s range of management programs. The elective gives participants the opportunity to broaden their knowledge in a given area of their choice.  

Core Studies:
▪ Developing managerial skills
▪ Financial management
▪ Marketing management
▪ Strategic management

Elective studies in one of the following programs:
Directors and Senior Officeholders in Organizations; Business Innovation; Analyzing Financial Reports and Assessing Corporate Value; Digital Marketing for Managers; Labor Law; Positive Psychology; The Family Business; Digital Transformation; Leadership


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