Managing Real Estate Businesses

The knowledge frontier in managing real estate, tools and new solutions

Professional Management: 
Gil Geva, Chairman, Tidhar Group

The business management of a real estate project is an intriguing and multidimensional challenge.  As a manager in the area of real estate, you are required to act simultaneously in many areas and to integrate actions at the highest level of performance.  Complex projects with many stakeholders, big money and a changing environment create much interest and attract many talented players.  The dynamic nature of the world of business in general and the area of real estate in particular requires the real estate entrepreneur to keep constantly up-to-date on new issues and original new solutions.  
Designed with emphasis on the practical side of the real estate industry, this special comprehensive program provides a broad, practical, purposeful knowledge base.  It is conducted by a team of professionals with expertise and rich experience in the real estate market.  Graduates of the program over the years have become leading players in the Israeli real estate market.

▪ Within the framework of the program, participants will be required to submit as a final project a full business plan for an enterprise on existing land. 
▪ The program will include a visit to a construction site that will demonstrate the management routine, tell the story of the project, and explain the complexity of carrying out a construction project.  The visit will take place in the morning hours on a date to be announced during the course of the program.

Target Group:
Managers of real estate assets departments in companies, banks, insurance companies, and local authorities, senior managers in the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing, the Israel Land Authority, and government offices dealing with real estate issues, managers in real estate companies and real estate enterprises, real estate entrepreneurs just starting out and lawyers engaging in the area, land owners, architects and planning consultants, real estate agents and other professionals.

Aims of the Program:
▪ To impart knowledge and understanding of the processes of initiating a real estate project and a sense of familiarity with them.
▪ To convey knowledge of the tools and methods of managing processes at the practical level.
▪ To convey knowledge of the legal, planning, economic and business issues in the real estate industry.

Main Subjects of Study:
Land law ▪ Real estate taxation ▪ Planning and construction ▪ Types of real estate transactions ▪ Contract law ▪ Feasibility analysis ▪ Urban planning analysis ▪ Land purchase ▪ Financing projects ▪ Real estate appraisal ▪ Managing real estate projects ▪ Marketing, sales and customer service ▪ High yield real estate ▪ Accounting in real estate companies

Professional Management:
▪ Professional Manager: Gil Geva, Chairman, Tidhar Group
▪ Professional Cunsultant: Attorney Eldad Koresh, Managing Partner, Amit, Pollak Matalon & Co.

 ▪ Attorney Anat Biran, Owner of Anat Biran Law Firm ▪ Attorney Avi Ben-Yaacov, Senior Partner at Weksler, Bregman and Co. ▪ Engineer Guy Geva, CEO, Waxman Govrin Geva Engineering Ltd ▪ Dror Marmur, Real Estate Editor, Globes ▪ Attorney Eyal Azuri, Head of Real Estate Taxation Tel Aviv, Israel Tax Authority ▪ Attorney Meir Mizrahi, Founder, Meir Mizrahi & Co. ▪ Daniela Paz Erez, Economist and Real Estate Appraiser, CEO and Owner of Paz Economy and Engineering ▪ Attorney Anat Sterenlib-Molkho, Partner, Amit, Pollak Matalon & Co. ▪ Shlomo Sherf, past CEO, Azrieli Group, and past CEO, Electra ▪ Shlomo Gutman CPA, Partner, Realty Fund and more

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