Positive Psychology: Managerial, Business and Personal Applications


An innovative approach to investigating the meaning of human happiness and helping managers and organizations to build up hardiness and resilience

Academic Consulting: Prof. Oren Kaplan

Positive psychology is a practical research approach to understanding the sources of hardiness and human happiness that has been gaining momentum and popularity over the last decade. Despite its critics, scientific research indicates that happy managers and workers make better and more appropriate operational decisions, are more loyal to the organization, more innovative and effective in their work, and create a more pleasant and cohesive social environment.  They enjoy unrivalled levels of quality of life, emotional resilience, immune system strength, and life expectancy – levels that cannot be attained by any means, whether medical or other forms of intervention and management.

The Positive Psychology program is the oldest and most comprehensive of its kind in Israel.  It has received international recognition as one of the first programs in the world to be conducted at an academic institution for higher education in management and for the community of business executives and consultants.  The program is multi-disciplinary in construction, with emphasis on a distinct academic and experiential learning experience, guided by leading experts in the area of positive psychology in Israel.

Target Group:
Managers, organizational consultants, human resources managers, training managers, managers of associations, healthcare system managers and education system managers.

Objectives of the Program:
▪ To convey an understanding of the approaches to positive psychology that are at the forefront of research and development of many scholars and managers in the world
▪ To enable managers and their subordinates to acquire the tools for the career development and self-realization, for healthy and thriving team and organizational development
To present the techniques for developing an innovative strategic conceptualization of contending with decision making and with life in general
▪ To enable individuals and organizations to develop psychological hardiness, resilience and wellbeing to cope with crises and stress

Main Topics of Study:
▪ Introduction to positive psychology ▪ Developing psychological hardiness and resilience: a psychological wellbeing clinic ▪ Subjective wellbeing ▪ Work-life balance ▪ Consolidating meaning and goals in life through work and role ▪ Leisure, creativity, flow, and optimal performance ▪ Personal and managerial decision-making processes ▪ Positive/negative attitude in managing processes ▪ Strengths, values, and personal and organizational strategy ▪ Sustainability and sustainable development of the human resource ▪ Appreciative inquiry ▪ Organizational implementations and interventions for executive, team and organizational development

Academic Consulting:
Prof. Oren Kaplan, clinical psychologist, economist and holder of an MBA in marketing, Dean of the School of Business Administration – Academic Track, The College of Management, one of Israel’s leading scholars of positive psychology and its application to management.

Prof. Oren KaplanProf. Avi KlugerDr. Danny HamielMs. Orna Engel ▪ Maestro Roni Porat ▪ Prof. Sharon Toker


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