The Art and Science of Consulting for Intra-organizational Consultants

Developing the capabilities necessary for leading internal organizational change

Academic Director: 
Prof. Mina Westman

Professional Directors:
Dr. Shoshi Chen, Ms. Yafit Molcho

Much has been written about the constant and rapid changes with which the managers and employees of today’s organizational reality are obliged to contend.  These changes need to be planned, led and implemented within a system perspective that also harnesses the cooperation of the individuals in the organization.  The processes of organizational consulting and development enable the manager and the employee in the organization to effectively contend with the processes of change and the dynamic reality.  
As managers, consultants and employees, an understanding of the processes of organizational development and expertise in intra-organizational consulting will ensure that the processes are led in a manner that is professional, holistic and sensitive, and that opportunities and lacunae are accurately identified.
The skills of intra-organizational consulting are singularly broad-ranging – from diagnostic talents, the ability to perceive and understand the system as a whole, a consulting approach, expertise in constructing an intervention program, the ability to listen, empathize and help managers to lead organizational change.
The program of studies offers an answer to the various officeholders in the organization who are likely to be participants in the process of organizational development, from CEOs, members of the organization’s top management, or managers associated with the human resources function, and focuses on the development of the main skills needed by the intra-organizational consultant.  It is given by leading scholars and consultants in the field of intra-organizational consulting in Israel today.
During the course of the program, participants will carry out projects under the guidance of a team of instructors directed by Ms. Yafit Molcho.

Target Group:
Human resources managers, organizational development managers, senior consultants and managers in organizations undergoing processes of intra-organizational consulting.

Aims of the Program:
▪ Enabling participants to develop an identity as an intra-organizational consultant, beyond the identity of a manager.
▪ Endowing participants with expertise in consulting to the individual, the small group and the organization.
▪ Acquainting participants with the latest organizational models and with the processes of organizational consulting in a wide range of areas.
▪ Enabling participants to acquire the tools to understand the meaning of effective and valuable intra-organizational consulting that will serve them as future intra-organizational consultants and as potential consumers of organizational consulting in their own organizations.

Main Topics of Study:
▪ Characteristics of the job function of the intra-organizational consultant and the complexities of this job function.
▪ Developing the identity and the consulting approach.
▪ Models of organizational behavior – at the level of the individual, the group and the organization.
▪ Tools for diagnosing and providing organizational meaning for understanding complex processes in the organization.
▪ Intervention for purposes of change – guiding processes of change in the organization.

The method of learning is based on the latest models, analyzing examples from the field, and personal experiencing.  The program consists of lectures, participation in workshops, practical work in organizational diagnosis, a final project, and personal and group training.

Academic Director:
▪ Prof. Mina Westman, past head of the Organizational Behavior program at the Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University.

Professional Directors:
▪ Dr. Shoshi Chen, Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University; Ms. Yafit Molcho, organizational consultant.

▪ Dr. Shoshi ChenMs. Yafit MolchoProf. Orly Yeheskel and additional guest lecturers.


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