Managing Negotiations


Practical tools for the effective management of interactions at work interfaces

Academic Director:  Dr Yuval Kalish
Professional Director:  Mr Omri Gefen

Operating successfully in a complex environment involves the core ability to identify and effectively manage interfaces –which means a talent for dialog, attentiveness, understanding needs, win-win negotiating , conflict management, crisis management and more.  Effective interfaces are an essential foundation of any process of organizational and business management and growth. Managers devote much of their time to creating links and connections among the various units of their organization, but sometimes they have to contend with competing patterns and formats, complex systems of relations and lack of awareness and tools. This program will enable managers to understand the dynamics operating at interfaces and to develop a high level of control in leading them by means of constructed tools and orderly methodologies.

The program will endow participants with the tools that today constitute the core of the operations of every organization, because they connect the level of managing people with the level of managing undertakings, constitute the basis for the most advanced leadership styles, and have been proved to increase managerial effectiveness.   

Target group:
The program is designed for professionals and managers who hold positions at focal junctions in the operations of their organizations and are required to conduct complex negotiations and manage conflicts, crises, heavily loaded discussions and collaboration with entities inside and outside the organization.

Objectives of the program of study:
▪ To study and institutionalize advanced tools and skills relating to conducting negotiations and managing collaboration 
▪ To enhance the ability to manage and empower systems of long-term relations, while realizing business goals
▪ To provide managers with practical tools to effectively manage and improve organizational interfaces
▪ To improve the ability of managers to enhance the organizational climate within their sphere of influence
▪ To develop the ability to identify, define and improve the efficiency of interfaces in the organization and environment

Academic director and lecturer:
▪ Dr Yuval Kalish is a researcher and teacher at the Faculty of Management, Tel Aviv University, with expertise in issues pertaining to organizational behavior, leadership, effective communication, social networks, negotiating and bridging.  He has served as an organizational consultant to BHP, Billiton, Boeing and AXA, Israel’s Ministry of Education, and more.

Professional director and lecturer:
▪ Mr Omri Gefen has expertise in the area of collaboration, negotiating, conflict resolution, multiculturalism and constructing agreements.  He has a rich background in guiding senior managers through complex intra-organizational and inter-organizational processes.  He is CEO of the Gevim Group, which he founded in 1996.  He has advised Unilever, Intel, Amdocs, Israel’s Ministry of Defense, Bank Hapoalim, Clalit Health Services, and more.


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