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The dramatic shift to an innovative and entrepreneurial high-tech orientation that the Israeli economy has undergone in recent decades has been acknowledged globally. Research, innovation & entrepreneurship have come to be regarded as integral parts of the Israeli economic mindset and the many successful M&As of Israeli Start-Up companies have turned our small country into a world leader in certain high-tech areas. 
The role of sound methodologies of innovation and entrepreneurship is to transform good ideas into actual products and services that will create value for the company and the society as a whole. It is with this in mind that we propose this unique collaboration: an acceleration and development program, designed to provide Start-Up entrepreneurs and talents with exposure to essential models, theories and practical tools. 
The training and acceleration program will introduce state of the art knowledge and best practices, dealing with the development of successful Start-Ups, including innovation, marketing, funding, team development and other disciplines critical to the success and growth of technological Start-Up companies and innovation driven businesses. Moreover, the program will augment the ties between high potentials and entrepreneurs with Israeli leaders from advanced technological industries. 

We offer this unique cooperation initiative for mutual learning and growth, bringing together international and Israeli individuals who have a great influence on their respective communities. 
We invite entrepreneurs to enrich, educate and enjoy themselves in one of the most vital and dynamic countries, working with the leading institution of higher education in the region.

Program participants

The program will be tailored for up to 12 Start-Up companies; each company may choose 2-3 representatives, entrepreneurs and promising talents, who will work as a group on their project.

Program objectives and format

The core objective of this accelerator program is to provide entrepreneurs knowledge, tools and guidance, to bring their initiatives to the next level of growth and success.
The accelerator will be individually adapted for each entrepreneur's initiative, in light of its unique attributes and target industry, i.e.:

•    High-tech: software, hardware, communication services, internet, IT and other technological arenas
•    Healthcare and bio-tech 
•    Agro-tech, Clean-tech and sustainability (water, renewable energy, etc.) 
•    Defense and security technologies

The program in Israel will span over 3-5 weeks and will consist of both study and workshop days at the university and work on participants' personal projects to implement new insights gained within the program. On weekends participants would enjoy cultural visits and be exposed to local traditions and people.

Program methodologies

In order to grant participants with a holistic perspective of the opportunities and challenges a multi-faceted approach for studies will be adopted:

1. Mentoring sessions with professional mentors from Israeli and multi-national corporations will be integrated during the program's days of study, in which participants will be asked to present their initiatives, receive concrete feedback and guidance; participants will be expected to work on their projects between study days, showing gradual progress throughout the program's process.
2. Accelerator - work space in an active accelerator will be allocated for the participants to use. Accelerators usually operate 24/7 and work on the basis of first come, first serve. entrepreneurs will get the chance to meet Israeli entrepreneurs like themselves, thus being exposed to diverse methodologies, new opportunities for cooperation and enrich one another.
3. Academic lectures, case study analysis and workshops. 
4. Visits to start-ups and companies that were presented in the cases and/or meeting with innovative companies' high level executives and potential investors.
5. Visits to venues of interest, for example, labs of multinational companies, where technology and business are combined synergistically. 

In the last day of the program a "Demo Day" will be held, in which the participating entrepreneurs will pitch their initiatives in front of an experts' panel of angel investors, VC representatives, executives and academic figures.


Program participants will receive a certificate on behalf of Lahav Executive Education, Coller School of Management, Tel-Aviv University.
The certificate may also bear the official logo of the organizer.

Hospitality and ceremonies


TAU will provide the participants with a full suite of services during the program’s days, guarantying the success of the program and most effective utilization of participants' time spent in Israel.

During the program, the participants will enjoy full-board service and dining according to the schedule of the program. TAU will provide all lunches and dinners during the study days on campus (breakfast is provided at the hotel).
One dinner will host Israeli serial entrepreneurs to dine and get to know the program's participants. This will enable informal, unmediated networking opportunities.

Escort during the visit
During all official program hours TAU will provide delegations with coordination liaison responsible for all training program activities and communication with local lecturers, executives and other suppliers.

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