About Lahav Executive Education

Lahav Executive Education

Lahav Executive Education of Coller School of Management, Tel-Aviv University, has been leading the realm of executive education since 1968, providing an academic home for executives to develop their knowledge, skills and abilities throughout their managerial career.

During the last decade, Lahav become a global leading academic organization dedicated to promote innovation and entrepreneurship by providing state of the art knowledge, creating value through development, growth and learning solutions addressing future challenges.

Lahav is delivering advanced costumed programs, overseas programs and webinars for executives, innovators and entrepreneurs of academic institutes, commercial and government organizations from around the world. In recent years Lahav has been hosting short-term study tours of foreign delegations as Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia and USA.  

Tel Aviv University (TAU)

Located at the heart of Israel's high-tech and cultural center, TAU represents Israel at its best – global, dynamic and innovative. It is the largest and most comprehensive institution of higher education in the country, offering 125 schools and departments for over 30,000 students in a variety of fields such as management, humanities, arts, sciences and medicine.

At TAU, “interdisciplinary” is a core value of the academic culture, running recognized centers of collaborative excellence in brain studies, environmental studies, nanoscience, renewable energy, cyber security, and many more. In addition, the University commercializes its laboratory discoveries through its technology transfer company, Ramot. To date, 2,400 patents have been filed, making Tel Aviv University 29th in the world for patents among academic institutions. TAU ranks 8th among the top 10 schools globally for producing VC-backed founders of companies, in a survey of over 13,000 entrepreneurs worldwide (Pitchbook 2018-19). TAU is the only non-U.S. university to make the top 10 cut.

Israel – the "Start-Up Nation"

Many factors can be said to have led to Israel's high-tech success, some of which have to do with the hostility of the external environment, the lack of natural resources, and the so-called collective Israeli personality – ingenious, tough and adaptive. Be that as it may, research, innovation & entrepreneurship have come to be regarded as integral parts of the Israeli economic mindset, and the many successful M&As of Israeli start-up companies have turned our small country into a world leader in certain high-tech areas.

In terms of percentages, Israel invests 4.2% of its GDP in R&D, the highest investment in the world. Over 300 R&D centers, operated by multi-national and local companies, are spread throughout the country. 40% of the employment in Israel is in the high-tech sector, and almost 50% of the sector’s revenues come from this sector. Despite its size and small population, 165 Israeli companies are traded in US stock markets, positioning Israel just after the US and Canada for number of companies traded on the NASDAQ and NY stock exchange.