Marketing Management


Processes and methods in marketing management, marketing strategy and communication

Academic Director: Prof. Jehiel Zif
Professional Director: Ms. Shira Lifshitz

The secret of success in today’s hyper-competitive market lies in the ability to understand and predict the moves and responses of the players and in the quality of the management of the efforts to satisfy the needs and wishes of the consumers the organization has chosen to serve.  In other words, the organization faces the challenge of creating and transmitting value to the consumer in a manner that is more effective than that of its competitors and translates into profitability commensurate with the value received by the consumer.

Marketing management is one of LAHAV’s most important and long-standing programs of study.  Designed for managers who have practical experience of the field but lack formal education in marketing management, it deals with all the main issues, from the stage of collecting essential information, through decision making, and up to the stage of translating decisions into actual marketing.  The program consists of lectures by the leading academics, practitioners and consultants in the field, who present the classical and modern models of marketing management, lead discussions on case studies, and open a window to the complexities of managing marketing in today’s world.  Participants are required to submit homework assignments on various issues.

Target Group:
Managers and owners of companies, marketing managers and other managers who wish to know more about marketing management.

Aims of the Program:
▪ To present the theories, concepts, processes and methods of marketing management.
▪ To present the latest knowledge on the effective management of marketing and on planning a winning marketing strategy.
▪ To present the tools for developing marketing awareness and an organizational marketing dialog, for understanding the factors that need to be taken into account in marketing decision making, and for following up on the achievement of marketing goals.

Main Subjects of Study:
▪ Introduction to marketing management
▪ Collecting information on the business and marketing environment as the basis for decision making
▪ The marketing environment
▪ Regulation, technological developments, business partners:  B2B, B2C
▪ The competition:  identifying and defining direct and indirect competitors
▪ The consumer:  the business consumer, the private consumer, managing consumer relations – CRM+CLV, market segments
▪ Decision making and defining goals:  target market and defining marketing plan goals
▪ Positioning:  positioning  strategies and positioning errors
▪ Planning and executing marketing decisions (P4: PRODUCT, PLACE, PRICE, PROMOTION)

▪ PRODUCT – branding, including branding strategies and brand perception in today’s reality
▪ PLACE – distribution channels, retailing, wholesaling and the revolution of the internet shop
▪ PRICE – pricing, pricing methods and strategies
▪ PROMOTION – sales, including the spin method, and marketing communications, including  traditional and modern communication channels

Academic Director:
Prof. Jehiel Zif, member of the faculty of the Center for Academic Studies, Sarnat Business School in Israel and Hult International Business School in Boston.

Professional Director:
Ms. Shira Lifshitz, marketing manager, Tnuva.

Dr. Liraz Lasri ▪  Dr. Tal MofkadiMr. Michael GaliMr. Frederic Belhassen ▪ Prof. Yael Steinhart
In addition, guest lectures will be given by practitioners from the field


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