Financial Management

Practical tools for understanding the financial implications of managerial decisions

The program in financial management, one of the main areas of the management sciences, provides managerial knowledge and tools on a broad range of issues: financing, managerial accounting, financial accounting, reporting and taxation. It combines theoretical principles with the practical applications and tools that derive from them. Special emphasis is placed on examples and illustrations from the field and particular care is taken in engaging the academic faculty and guest lecturers from the business world.

Target Group:
High-ranking managers in organizations who lack formal education in economics and finance: CEOs, assistant CEOs in various functional positions in the organization, entrepreneurs, business people, lawyers and business consultants.

Objectives of the Program of Study:
▪ To present the main financial issues relating to the operations of organizations and firms
▪ To enhance understanding of the financial implications of managerial decisions
▪ To convey an understanding of finance that will enable active participation in financial decision making processes and discussions relating to the area of finance

Main Topics:
Finance: the nature of the firm, the way in which firms operate and finance their operations, and the problems they face, financial calculations, the firm’s investment decision making, estimating the value of bonds, an introduction to estimating the value of shares.
Managerial accounting: the purposes of managerial accounting, the behavior of costs and their classification, allocating costs, managerial tools for planning and control.
Financial accounting and financial reporting: the purpose of financial reporting and its limitations, the development of accounting standardization in Israel and throughout the world, the principles of accounting measurement and financial reporting, the basics of financial reporting, elementary tools for reading and analyzing financial reports.
Taxation: the tax base, individual taxation, corporate taxation, capital gains taxation, international taxation.

Academic Director and Lecturer:
Prof. Eti Einhorn (CPA), a senior faculty member at the School of Management, Tel Aviv University, with a main research interest in the area of financial accounting, and a member of the Israel Securities Authority.

Among the Lecturers of the Program:
 Alex Shapira (advocate, CPA), founder of the Alex Shapira & Co. law firm ▪ Dr. Tal Mofkadi, co-founder of Numerics Economic & Financial Consulting Ltd and More