Give your employees or students the opportunity to learn about cutting edge concepts of innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship from your office, university facility or at home with our Innovation Growth Engines Webinar Series.

Target audiences:

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners
  • Executives and business leaders
  • Government officials

Program Objectives:

The main objective is to sensitize decision makers to the necessities of strategic innovation, intrapreneurship and leadership methodologies, as a means to gain competitive advantage in a changing environment. 
Faculty will present cutting edge concepts linking success in culture, economy, business strategy, leadership and innovation which will challenge participants to apply these models in their organizational context.

Program Outline:

The webinar series can be tailored to your organization’s requirements and interests. It consists of 7-10 sessions, each consisting of two sections:

  1. An academic lecture by one of TAU’s senior faculty.
  2. A case study provided by a senior executive of a relevant company, or senior Israeli government officer.

What can you learn?

The webinar sessions deal with innovation through diverse aspects such as strategy, intrapreneurship, digital transformation and disruptive technologies to provide an understanding of the possibilities to innovate in any field or organization.


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at your offices or remotely
7-10 sessions, once every two weeks
On behalf of Lahav Executive Education, Coller School of Management, Tel-Aviv University.


bbc jurnalist

“A very informative and eye-opening program…from the insight into entrepreneurship in Israel. Then hearing from some of the world's best innovation leaders, and seeing this all come to life by hearing real stories. This program is a must for any budding entrepreneurs or anyone who is interested in establishing innovation and capability build in their organisation.”

“Fascinating. Different ways of thinking. Gained a greater awareness of how Israeli companies, through their entrepreneurial spirit, have carved a niche in creating global businesses, outside of the big tech giants. Then in the Face-to-Face sessions, we discussed how to bring the international perspective back to our side of the world in Australia. Looking to share key findings with my work colleagues.”