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Innovation and progress can’t happen on its own, it needs an eco-system and support from as many areas as possible. Israel Israel has accumulated vast experience and knowledge in cultivating innovation, through accelerators and innovation hubs, integrating innovation methodologies in academic curriculums, government support and experienced entrepreneurs passing on their knowledge to the next generation.

Over the years, we were able to use this knowledge both in the field and the academia to develop sound methodologies and boost the eco-system even further, presenting breakthrough global success. Building on these methodologies, we can offer knowledge and support to enhance the abilities of teachers, future and current innovation hup directors and mentors, allowing them to support other young entrepreneurs in their journey to success and strengthen the innovation eco-system in their country.

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Israel or in your home town
Between 4 days and 2 weeks, depending on program and needs
on behalf of Lahav Executive Education, Coller School of Management, Tel-Aviv University.
Teaching Entrepreneurship & Innovation – Development Program for Academic Faculty

Program Objectives:

The program is designed to grant academic faculty with knowledge and practical understanding in fields of entrepreneurship and innovation, and how to integrate sound methodologies of innovation and entrepreneurship in their teaching curriculum.

Some of the topics reviewed in the program:

 - Understanding Innovation & Entrepreneurship
 - Entrepreneurial knowledge, skills and competences
 - Core elements every entrepreneur should know
 - Entrepreneurial Education
-  Entrepreneurial Course Design and Topics

Development Program for Innovation Hub Directors

Program Objectives:

  • Develop innovation hub directors, who will facilitate the growth and institutionalize an entrepreneurial eco-system based on the Israeli experience.
  • Provide the participants with knowledge, tools and guidance to successfully run innovation hubs and manage a portfolio of start-up companies, making them a significant part of their innovation eco-system.
  • Utilize Israeli knowledge to enhance productivity in the accelerator development process in order to rapidly establish a large number of high quality accelerators in your eco-system

Program outline:

The program consists of 3 main stages:

  1. Core training
  2. Mentoring
  3. Project presentation and progress review
Development Program for Entrepreneurship Mentors

Program Objectives:

The purpose of this program is to educate entrepreneurship & innovation mentors and support them in achieving development and growth for young entrepreneurs in their countries, by exposure to essential models, theories and mainly practical tools, from the Israeli experience, which will enable them to support and lead their entrepreneurial community.

Program outline:

  1. Experiencing entrepreneurship - Intensive workshop exposing participants to the entrepreneur's point of view.

  2. Practical Projects – mentors' lead - practical projects designed to reach your goals as mentors, led by Israeli mentors.

  3. Practical Projects – participants' lead - continued projects, led by participants with close supervision of mentors.

  4. Remote mentoring - Participants will work on projects independently, with remote assistance from mentors.


bbc jurnalist

“A very informative and eye-opening program…from the insight into entrepreneurship in Israel. Then hearing from some of the world's best innovation leaders, and seeing this all come to life by hearing real stories. This program is a must for any budding entrepreneurs or anyone who is interested in establishing innovation and capability build in their organisation.”

“Fascinating. Different ways of thinking. Gained a greater awareness of how Israeli companies, through their entrepreneurial spirit, have carved a niche in creating global businesses, outside of the big tech giants. Then in the Face-to-Face sessions, we discussed how to bring the international perspective back to our side of the world in Australia. Looking to share key findings with my work colleagues.”