Sector Specific Programs

The world is changing rapidly, technology is advancing and changing in a pace that is difficult to keep up with. In order to keep a competitive advantage, companies and organizations are compelled to adopt innovative and entrepreneurial mindset and abilities, striving to create new value through continuous development and adoption of breakthrough ideas and technologies. Israel is known as a leader in innovation and technology start-ups in several industries such as Cyber Security, Fintech, Healthcare, Smart Cities and more. Come learn about the cutting edge innovation in your sector.

Key Takeaways:

• Experience the Israeli eco-system and meet leading figures in your industry

• Proven methodologies designed from the Israeli experience

• Practical tools for implementation in your environment

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four full days of studies and activities and two and a half days of cultural visits to popular sites in Israel.
on behalf of Lahav Executive Education, Coller School of Management, Tel-Aviv University.
Cyber Security

Effective Cyber Security - The Israeli Model
Opportunities & Risks in a Rapidly Changing Digital World 
A joint program with Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center at Tel Aviv University

Cybersecurity is a global, multifaceted, complex and rapidly morphing challenge. Managing it demands shared efforts by all stakeholders on the national and regional levels.
Israel has proven outstanding cybersecurity abilities: from resilient critical infrastructure and groundbreaking technical innovation, to becoming the world's second largest exporter of cybersecurity,
while attracting 20% of global private investment in cyber R&D.

Program Objectives: 
The program frames the central aspects of cybersecurity, providing insights and applicable tools on how to design an effective cyber security strategy for organizations and companies.
An additional purpose is to advance the relations and networking between the participants, and Israeli business leaders and other leading figures in the industry.

Some of the topics reviewed in the program:

  • The Israeli national cybersecurity strategy, policy and organization
  • Strategic innovation models and corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship)
  • Interdisciplinary approach to cybersecurity
  • From the frontlines: learn common impediments to effective cyber risk management
  • Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: transforming the business arena
  • Effective cybersecurity strategies development: forging sophisticated risk governance coupled with technology solutions.


On behalf of Lahav Executive Education, Coller School of Management and Blavatnik Interdisciplinary Cyber Research Center, Tel-Aviv University.


The financial industry is substantially effected by rapid technological changes and it is essential to get to know the latest developments in the field. The Israeli Fintech ecosystem is characterized by an entrepreneurial mentality, high technological maturity, a small but innovation-minded local market, high international involvement and flexible regulation[1].   

Program Objectives:
The program frames the central aspects of financial technologies and business developments, providing insights and applicable tools necessary to be innovative and aware of the opportunities and threats in this sector.
An additional purpose is to advance the relations and networking between the participants, and Israeli business leaders and other leading figures in the industry.

Some of the topics reviewed in the program:

  • Strategic innovation models and corporate entrepreneurship (intrapreneurship)
  • The Israeli VC industry, incubator model and enterprise funding
  • Digital Transformation - Leveraging technological platforms for innovation
  • Cyber – opportunities and threats
  • Blockchain & crypto currency – Innovative concepts in finance and commerce
  • Big Data and AI in the Financial Industry


[1] Israel Fintech Landscape Report, January 2018 - Deloitte

Healthcare and Bio-Tech

The Israeli healthcare system is one of the most advanced in the world, serving all Israeli citizens while operating under social values and regulation. Israel has maintained a system of socialized healthcare since its establishment in 1948, although the National Health Insurance law was passed only in 1995. Thanks to the guidelines of the healthcare law, all citizens are entitled to state of the art healthcare services provided by a few HMOs that operate clinics, hospitals and unique nationwide services. In numerous medical fields Israel is considered a pioneer, amongst which are maternity and IVF, cardiology, organ transplants, oncology, and others.

Program Objectives:

The proposed program will frame the central aspects of technology innovation in healthcare and bio-technology in Israel. It will expose participants to the unique eco-system in Israel, consisting of hospitals and research medical centers, government support, academia and advanced research, global and local life science firms and initiatives, a seasoned VC community and additional unique factors.  

In addition, the program will advance the relations and networking between the participants and Israeli business leaders, prominent entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, and executives.

Some of the topics reviewed in our programs:

  • The Israeli Bio-Tech and Healthcare eco-system
  • Health Economics
  • Health 2.0 – managerial and clinical implications
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Digital transformation
  • Creativity
  • Entrepreneurship

Humanity has made outstanding advances in technology, but alongside such advancement, it seems that the effects of modern lifestyle are becoming more devastating as the years go by. Companies and governments all around the globe are looking for sustainable solutions that will reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Israel has invested substantially in the field, placing the country among the top innovators in relevant industries and solutions. Innovations were created out of necessity, due to the lack of natural resources, for example, water desalination and the Netafim drip system were driven by the lack of water. Israel has recently established an enormous solar power plant with the world’s tallest solar tower, utilizing the abundant sunlight resources of the Israeli desert to transform the lack of polluting resources and provide clean and renewable sources of energy.

Sustainability Sub Sectors

The program can focus on the general topic of sustainability or can be tailored to a more specific sub sector such as:

  • Food Security
  • Clean-Tech
  • Agri-Tech
  • Renewable Energy 


bbc jurnalist

“A very informative and eye-opening program…from the insight into entrepreneurship in Israel. Then hearing from some of the world's best innovation leaders, and seeing this all come to life by hearing real stories. This program is a must for any budding entrepreneurs or anyone who is interested in establishing innovation and capability build in their organisation.”

“Fascinating. Different ways of thinking. Gained a greater awareness of how Israeli companies, through their entrepreneurial spirit, have carved a niche in creating global businesses, outside of the big tech giants. Then in the Face-to-Face sessions, we discussed how to bring the international perspective back to our side of the world in Australia. Looking to share key findings with my work colleagues.”