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Live Virtual Program

Lahav Executive Education introduces : Live Virtual Program. Our virtual program prepares leaders and their organizations to be proactive in the face of today's changing environment, navigating in unpredictable situations, and capable of responding quickly in bold, innovative ways.Read more

Strategic Innovation Capsule

In this new-normal of hyper-competition landscape, companies and organizations have realized that relying on classical strategic models is no longer a viable option to ensure future growth and prosperity, or even mere survival. The only approach to create sustainable competitive advantage is through breakthrough innovation.Read more

Academic course for Global EMBA students

Lahav Executive Education partners with international business schools to offer EMBA students a unique learning experience. The program will frame the central aspects of entrepreneurship and innovation in Israeli companies within the context of the country's booming high-tech economy and the emerging of global Israeli companies.Read more

Acceleration Programs

Whether you’re an executive in an existing company or a young entrepreneur, sometimes, you just need a push, a quick and intensive start to get the ball rolling and create real competitive advantages or bring your idea to life. The acceleration programs will give you just that – a few days of intensive work and learning with a practical and executable outcome.Read more

Strategic Mindset and Innovation

Experience Israel’s innovation eco-system with your own eyes. The Israel programs offer a unique synthesis between state of the art academic studies of innovation methodologies and practical, hands-on experiences with relevant industries.Read more


Give your employees or students the opportunity to learn about cutting edge concepts of innovation, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship from your office, university facility or at home with our Innovation Growth Engines Webinar Series.Read more

Training Professionals

Innovation and progress can’t happen on its own, it needs an eco-system and support from as many areas as possible. Israel has accumulated vast experience and knowledge in cultivating innovation, through accelerators and innovation hubs, integrating innovation methodologies in academic curriculums, government support and experienced entrepreneurs passing on their knowledge to the next generation.Read more

Sector Specific Programs

The world is changing rapidly, technology is advancing and changing in a pace that is difficult to keep up with. In order to keep a competitive advantage, companies and organizations are compelled to adopt innovative and entrepreneurial mindset and abilities, striving to create new value through continuous development and adoption of breakthrough ideas and technologies. Israel is known as a leader in innovation and technology start-ups in several industries such as Cyber Security, Fintech, Healthcare, Smart Cities and more. Come learn about the cutting edge innovation in your sectorRead more