Managing Arts and Culture

Artistic Vision or Organizational Vision? Quality or Populism? Tradition or Innovation?

Academic Director: 
Prof. Orly Yeheskel

Professional Director:
Ms. Iris Ronly-Riklis

The world of culture has been undergoing great upheavals in recent years due to the need to adjust quickly to political and budgetary changes, to uncertainty, changing consumer habits, changes in the mix of its clientele, new players, and competition from organizations that offer similar products to the same market segment.

The aim of the program is to provide managerial knowledge and practical tools to those involved in managing cultural institutions or areas associated with the arts and culture at various levels. The subjects of study cover marketing, financial management, theories of modern management, consumer behavior, fundraising, business management, managing in a global environment, copyright law, and the program includes meetings with leading personalities in the arts and culture.

The program is based on interdisciplinary academic knowledge conveyed by faculty members at Tel Aviv University's Coller School of Management, alongside practical knowledge and experience provided by professionals in the world of the arts and culture from Israel and abroad.
By participating in class meetings and submitting a final project, students of the program will acquire a deep understanding of managing organizational systems in general and artistic and cultural organizations and ventures in particular, while integrating and applying concepts and tools from the various areas of management.

Lahav Executive Education at Tel Aviv University's Coller School of Management has been conducting this program for many years and its graduates hold key positions in Israel's cultural and artistic scene. Graduates receive a diploma from Lahav.

Target Group:
The program is designed for managers of cultural entities at various levels and lays foundations for the next generation of the managers of the arts and culture in Israel, from the public and private sectors. It also welcomes entrepreneurial managers in startup ventures and organizations operating in the local and international cultural scenes..

Main Subjects of Study:
▪ Management in a complex and changing world ▪ Basic principles of marketing ▪ Marketing ▪ Between artistic vision and organizational vision ▪ From work plan to budget ▪ Cultural policy ▪ Innovation, branding, consumer directions and trends ▪ Pricing ▪ Principles of the business plan ▪ Principles of branding ▪ Globalization – a world of opportunities and threats ▪ Copyright and intellectual property ▪ Artistic management in the Web 2.0 world ▪ Consumer behavior ▪ Organizational change ▪ Management and control of associations ▪ Fundraising ▪ Managing human resources ▪ Guest lectures

Academic Director:
▪ Prof. Orly Yeheskel, Associate Dean of Tel Aviv University's Coller School of Management, faculty member at the Coller School, researcher, consultant, with rich experience in developing and leading programs to train managers in different sectors of the economy.

Professional Directors:
▪ Ms. Iris Ronly-Riklis, VP strategy & development at Midburn, producer, partner at Mayumana, with more than 25 years of experience in managing a range of special cultural projects and events in the areas of dance, music, theater and entertainment, in the Israeli opera and the private sector.

Prof. Orly YeheskelIris Ronly-RiklisRan Shapira, manager of the cultural basket, a program of education in the arts in schools in about 120 locations throughout Israel that is designed to expose children from kindergarten to the end of high school to culture ▪ Yossi Meiri, founder of Head Start ▪ Tali Barash-Gottlieb, CEO of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra Foundation ▪ Dolin Melnick, Head of the Cultural Division, Mifal Hapayis ▪ Gad Oren, Producer and Owner of Gad Oren Productions ▪ Emmanuel Witzthum, Head of Arts at the British Council, and Artistic Director of Warehouse 2 ▪ Aviad Levy, specialist in applying innovation and business development ▪ Tal Gershon, specialist in marketing in the digital world ▪ Dr. Yaniv Shani, Coller School of Management, Tel Aviv University ▪ Dr. Eyal Benjamin, specialist in entrepreneurship and strategic innovation, The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo ▪ Frederick BalsanRan Zilberman, CPA ▪ Saar Pliner, Adv., specialist in intellectual property law ▪ Iris Stark, CPA, Founder and Partner, Stark & Stark and additional lecturers in the area of the arts and culture.


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